Services _


We have O/S development and technical support

for semiconductor, display and automation equipment.

Various experiences and knowledge to solve

the product or problems that customers demand.

우리는 반도체, 디스플레이 및 자동화 설비 OS 개발 및 기술 지원을 합니다.

다양한 경험과 지식으로 고객이 요구하는 제품 또는 문제점을 해결합니다.

시티 뷰
Service 1 _

* Semiconductor test handler(equipment) O/S software development.

Service 2 _

* Display equipment(Stand-alone, In-Line type) O/S software development.

Service 3 _

* Automation equipment O/S software development. (FA, OA)

Service 4 _

* Technical support (Training, Education, Consulting).

* Set-up support.

Service 5 _

* Equipment O/S remodeling or improving.

* Development Options (Machine Vision, SECS/GEM)

Service 6 _

* O/S Development Platform supply & support